Let's Go Back To ... "Made In India"

Thursday, December 17, 2009


India is a country of rich and diverse tradition, colors, fragrances, festivals and languages. In this rich heritage of cultures Indian Traditional Textiles Industry has charmed the world since ages. With their breathtaking intricate designs and patterns. The legacy of this culture promesses everything: Beauty, dignity, form and style.

The production of sophisticated handloom and handcrafted textiles within Indian sub-continent has prehistoric origin. Yet we are spoilt with riches from other cultures with a less luxuriant weaving history.  Thousands of our artisans and craftsmen skilled in their vulnerable craft have contributed in preserving the heritage and tradition of India. And for that matter their contribution needs to be understood and get noticed in the content of their lifes and customs.

Today, the main problem is not the adaptation to the traditional craft but a void that has been created due to lack of awareness among the people for it. There are not many who consciously feel socially responsible for the safegaurd of the prestigious crafts culture we have. The coming generation needs to be aware of the rich heritage, treasure and skills in our country, and must learn to value the same.

Blogging, is a humble beginning from Dastkar to narrow this void of ignorance and create awareness about life that revolves around crafts & its keepers, with a hope that it will stimulate the curiosity of those who know a good thing when they see it........

Further, we also welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Please share your views and experiences and, help us in weaving this thread of knowledge. Let us educate oulselves and others and go back to " MADE IN INDIA..!!!"

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